From production to braincraft..

Thomas Offer Madsen is the 5th generation on the property where our company BotanIQ Lab by LiveTrends Design Group Europe ApS is located.

Through five generations the company has evolved from a traditional farm to a vegetable nursery and now a trading and development company. Today we still produce some of our plants in our nursery, but importing plants and developing ideas and concepts are even more important to our business.

Entrepreneurship has characterized the five generations of the Offer Madsen family. Today that spirit is the driver in our innovation team and a driver in the approach we all have to the use of indoor plants.

Who claims that a plant must be placed in a windowsill? Why not hang it on the wall or on your fridge? 


     3rd and 4th generation at work
    4th and 5th generation at work
    Pia and Thomas Offer Madsen at IPM 2018