Intelligent Plant Design

We are happy to introduce a brand name, that actually tells what we do and why we do it.

Offer Madsen A/S is a family owned company and has been so for five generations. We are proud of our name and we carry our history with us. However, we are also aware that the name does not reflect our passion nor our high quality products.    

Therefore, our home accessories based on long lasting green plants are now named BotanIQ Lab.

We get up in the morning to do what we like the most and do best: We use our design knowledge and technical skills to develop affordable green home decoration that makes your home look like a million bucks. And we do not leave “the lab” until we have the right solution at the right price and quality.

We hope that you will like what you see in our new collections. Our spring and summer collection is
nostalgic and easy going. The two all year series Nature and Classic are in good company with entirely new products “approved by the lab” and from existing ones that have had a refreshing brush up.

by Offer Madsen A/S