"Hygge" - the danish way to live well...

We get up in the morning to do what we like the most and do best: We use our product knowledge and technical skills to develop affordable green home decoration that makes your home look like a million bucks. And we do not leave “the Lab” until we have the right solution at the right price and quality. We also have our minds set on entirely new ways of combining plants and home decoration. That is what we call intelligent plant design.

We hope that you will like what you see in our new collections. Our Nordic Coast collection is inspired by the very hyped Danish "Hygge" and our rough and windy West Coast.

Challeging gravity has become a trend in home fashion and gravity works very well with the popular airplant Tillandsia. Our small art piece "Airborn" is a fine example of this nice combination.

Our Classic collection is perhaps classier than ever with  a series of new, sophisticated flower pots with a matt surface named Vertical. 

by Pia and Thomas Offer Madsen