Greige is the new black!

We are happy to present our new stylish, Nordic and harmonious collection New Nordic.

The collection is contemporary and straight forward.  It highlights a new soft color sceme in interior fashion called "greige" with shades of grey and beige.

In New Nordic you will find a new gift box with a complete set of home decoration easy to place on a tray or on your favorite coffee table book. It consists of a candle light holder with a small candle, a vase and a 9 cm flower pot with a succulent. Convenient for any occation where a gift of appreciation is needed.

Another trend that we have adapted is the "face trend" and we introduce a classic colored flower pot with a mix of three different face motives. We call it "Silhouette" and you will find it in our Clasic Collection.

Also check out our Magnetized® catalogue for a magnetic face pot - it's awesome for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day.

Finally we would like to tip you about our Green Collection, where we present a couple of new green plants. The Schefflera and the Dracaene Marginata, which has had a comeback.


Pia and Thomas Offer Madsen,
BotanIQ Lab